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Three Phase Four Wire Direct Connect Meter DTSD178

DTSD178 Three Phase Four Wire Direct Connect Meter is a multi-functional three-phase whole current smart meter with modular design. The meter is used to accurately measure electrical energy for commercial and residential users. It has a powerful anti-tampering function and can perform forward only or net-metering measurement of active and reactive and apparent power. DTSD178 can be equipped with flexible communication modules, which can provide multiple communication media (such as RF, GSM/GPRS, PLC) for remote management and reading.

Key features

? Forward only/Net-metering/Neutral measure.

? Plug and play modular design(PLC/RF/GPRS/3G/LTE).

? Multi-rate electric energy and maximum demand calculation.

? Rich auto display, push-button display, high resolution display items.

? High precision RTC clock and calendar.

? Powerful anti-tampering function.

? High-capacity storage for curve data, event recording, etc.. 

? AMI interconnection design, remote firmware upgrade.

? Multi-mode load control logic.

? Provide IEC/DLMS/KEMA certification.