Substation HMI and MINI-SCADA Solution
Substation HMI and MINI-SCADA Solution
Substation HMI and MINI-SCADA Solution
DF1800 substation HMI and Mini SCADA system
System overview

DF1800 is a new-generation substation automation system, developed by Dongfang Electronics with many years of industry experience in the field of electric power automation. It is suitable for substation automation, large-scale factory monitoring, Mini SCADA and other field requirements. DF1800 is safe, reliable, simple and easy to use, supporting many functions including data acquisition, real-time monitoring and report, thus greatly improving field efficiency, and making it a complete and comprehensive solution.

Software architecture


? Fully supporting IEC61850 standards.

? Distributed design, modular deployment, and easily running on one or more hosts. 

? Bay-oriented data management.

? Based on IEC61970 standards, and enabling interacting with the upper system through CIM .

? Supporting ICCP,OPC and other interactive modes.

? Supporting  Anti-misoperation and work order operation.

? Supporting network topology and local VQC optimization. 

? Supporting seamless connection with DF8000 SCADA EMS/DMS system and enabling unified maintenance.